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Laura Pearse
30 November 2021 | Laura Pearse

Top 10 things to do in the Swan Valley for 2022

Here are some of the places we love to take our visitors to give them a taste of what the Swan Valley has to offer. You can check off those big ticket items like koalas and kangaroos, as well as a world-class wine region, breweries and fresh local produce just 45 minutes from the CBD. This list was created for those with a day or two to spend looking around or for those with overseas or interstate visitors who want to spend a bit more time exploring.  Continue »

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Laura Pearse
23 November 2021 | Laura Pearse

Christmas Gifts for Wine Lovers

Find it hard to choose a Christmas gift for that special wine-loving person in your life? Tired of staring at the rows and rows of wine on the shelves in your local bottle shop? We have some amazing ideas which are guaranteed to blow that special person's crazy festive socks off!  Continue »

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Alex Arco
24 September 2021 | Alex Arco

Vegan Wine

Wine is fermented grape juice- it's made from grapes...surely all wine is Vegan? The answer: Yes and No. Why do some wines say they contain traces of fish or dairy? Discover what's going on  Continue »

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Laura Pearse
23 August 2021 | Laura Pearse

How Can Wine Taste Like Fruit?

Does Wine have fruit in it? Good question. We get asked this a lot at Cellar Door.  Continue »

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Laura Pearse
4 August 2021 | Laura Pearse

Flooding in the vines. Will they live?

It's been the wettest winter I can remember, and so much the rain! What does flood water do to grape vines? Will the vines live? 🍇 How deep did the water get? Check out this video.  Continue »

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Laura Pearse
22 July 2021 | Laura Pearse

Why are Upper Reach wines so consistent in their flavours

Our wines reflect the character of our Swan Valley estate grown fruit, creating wines that are fresh, vibrant and full flavoured. Each wine reflects the vintage and our vineyard. We grow and care for the grapes as they ripen; agonizing over such things as irrigation and which day to hand pick our fruit.  Continue »

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Laura Pearse
1 June 2021 | Laura Pearse

Winter means Mulled Wine

With cooler weather upon us, making mulled wine comes to mind as it's just about the easiest thing ever for winter entertaining. It literally takes just 5 minutes to make, either on the stovetop or in a slow cooker, and is guaranteed to make your home smell absolutely amazing and warm everyone up on a chilly night.  Continue »

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Laura Pearse
26 May 2021 | Laura Pearse

Why do we call our wines 'The Gig'

What is the story behind the Gig wines? Captain Stirling encouraged the Brits to move to WA based on the soil that we have at Upper Reach.  Continue »

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Laura Pearse
19 April 2021 | Laura Pearse

Paella and Tempranillo -perfect Spanish combo

As a child in Spain, the only time I ever saw any men cooking was Sunday afternoon. They would use all the leftovers from the fridge and stand around talking very loudly with a glass of Tempranillo in hand!  Continue »

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Laura Pearse
2 March 2021 | Laura Pearse

Why Buy Local, Really?

How your support keeps the family business alive and what large businesses are doing that screws it up.  Continue »

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