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Cheyne Wilkin
7 January 2024 | Cheyne Wilkin

Choosing your Wedding wines

The wedding day is looming and you’ve got the caterers, the outfits and guest list organised. Now it’s just the wines. Leave the stress behind and make picking the wines for your big day an enjoyable experience.  Continue »

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Cheyne Wilkin
24 November 2023 | Cheyne Wilkin

What wine goes with Christmas Lunch?

Food & wine matching for Christmas food.... try Sparkling with glazed ham, or Verdelho with your seafood feast. Top 5 food and wine pairing for your Christmas. Let's get Christmas wine ticked off the list ✔️  Continue »

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Cheyne Wilkin
12 August 2022 | Cheyne Wilkin

Breakfast in the Swan Valley

Top three breakfasts in the Swan Valley, written by a local who also happens to be breakfast crazy.  Continue »

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