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Cheyne Wilkin
24 November 2023 | Cheyne Wilkin

What wine goes with Christmas Lunch?

Pairing Wine with Christmas Fare:

Turkey: For the classic Christmas centerpiece pair it with the Triple Trophy winning 2022 Grenache or the 2022 Reserve Chardonnay.

These wines have this sneaky way of teaming up with the rich flavors of turkey, making them sing together in perfect harmony. It's like they're the best buddies at a holiday dinner party.

Roast Beef or Lamb: Opt for the just released 2022 Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot or 2020 Reserve Shiraz to accompany the robust flavors of roast beef or lamb.

The full-bodied goodness of these wines totally takes your meal to another level.

Ham: The Sparkling Chardonnay complements the saltiness of ham. The zingy acidity in this wine perfectly balances out that rich, savoury meat.

Seafood: If seafood is part of your holiday menu, try the crisp 2023 Unwooded Chardonnay or the Gold Medal winning 2023 Verdelho. These wines really amp up the taste of seafood dishes, like they're giving them a flavour boost of the good stuff!

For Dessert: Dive into the Tawny or the Liqueur Muscat.
These dessert wines are like best buddies for all sorts of sugary delights, whether it's fruitcakes or a stash of chocolates, of course pavlova, Christmas pudding or trifle!

The ultimate dessert dream team!


Oysters & Sparkling Chardonnay- a no-brainer!
If you want a different Swan Valley Sparkling try Mann's Cabernet Sparkling, makes a rose colured tipple which is bone dry.



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