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Laura Pearse
19 April 2020 | Laura Pearse

Wine Tasting Masterclass at Home | Trio of Reds

Red Wine Tasting at Home | exploring reds from light to medium to full bodied

Why not perfect your wine tasting skills at home?
All you need is a couple of 'different weight' or 'different bodied' wines to compare and contrast against each other.

Join us and taste your wines while we taste ours - it'll be fun.

Always start with the lighter-bodied, less heavy wine and then progress onto the more full-bodied ones.
We're looking at:

Let's talk about:

  • food pairing
  • age-ability
  • winemaking processes used for a light vs a full-bodied red wine
  • tasting notes


Why not check out our Chardonnay MasterClass.

We will be looking at Good, Better, Best....(in our opinion) of the Chardonnay variety.

Unoaked vs Oaked.... winemaking secrets, food and wine matching and tasting notes.


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