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Laura Pearse
25 April 2020 | Laura Pearse

Wine Tasting Masterclass at Home | Chardonnay

No wine variety divides the world as much as Chardonnay.
People seem to love it or hate it, but they've got an opinion and surely that's what makes wine tasting fun?

What we love about Chardonnay is that it has got to be the most versatile white wine grape in the world.

Do you enjoy an oak aged Chardonnay or prefer a crisp, fresh unwooded style of wine? Or maybe a Sparkling Chardonnay is your thing?

Let's explore this white wine in all its styles:

  • Crisp, aromatic unoaked style vs oak aged Chardonnay

  • Blanc de Blanc Champagne is Sparkling Chardonnay

  • How Chardonnay wine ages and matures over time

  • Tasting notes

  • Food pairing

  • Age-ability

  • How oak barrels influence the flavour profile of white wines.

So get ideally a couple of bottles of Upper Reach Reserve Chardonnay ready to drink. Otherwise try to get:

  • an unwooded young Chardy
  • an oaked Chardonnay
  • if you've got an older vintage tucked away in the Cellar, this could be the excuse you're looking for?

Why not get a couple of friends to join you. Invite them to pop over to join in your tasting or hop on virtually and make a night of it?


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