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Laura Pearse
14 April 2020 | Laura Pearse

Virtual Wine Tasting Class | Verdelho

Virtual Wine Tasting Class

Verdelho 2014 vs 2019 vs 2020

Bringing the Tasting Room to you whilst we social isolate...This class was run live via facebook so everyone could give their thoughts and ask questions.   

Find out about the history of Verdelho in Australia, the wine making process and of course practice how to taste it, what the 'expert' thinks it smells, tastes and even looks like!

Along with tasting notes, food suggestions and aging tips.



Well that’s our first virtual tasting!
Ideally you'll be watching this with at least one of the Verdelhos in your glass to taste with us.

If you would like to try the wines in this video you can get them here

If you are needing a top up of wine, please support local & family owned first before going to the bottle shop.

Next class On Saturday 18 April will be for all the red wine lovers, with a trio of reds.
We'll taste Upper Reach's 2018 Gig Grenache, our 2017 Cabernet Merlot and the just released 2016 Petit Verdot

We'll focus on the different weight and body of these wines, and so have choosen a light, medium and full bodied red to contrast and compare.
You'll explore their differences, we want your food reccommendations and let's discuss how to navigate a resturant's red wine list.

Of course it would be best to taste the three featured wines, so just pause this and buy them now. 😜

If that's not possible, grab a red from your wine stockpile and have some fun with us while you work out how much body your wine has!

Let's keep doing the things we love!   🥂 🍷


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