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Laura Pearse
2 May 2020 | Laura Pearse

Wine Tasting Masterclass at Home | Shiraz

Shiraz is the Swan Valley's Superhero red grape variety.

Shiraz is a very flexible variety, it changes and adapts to the each combination of climate and soil or terroir.

Look at the various words used to describe it - powerful, rich, fragrant, spicy, polished and can you not love this red wine?

Let's look at:

  • tasting notes
  • food pairing
  • aging and cellaring potential
    • how age influences flavour
    • cellaring conditions
    • how long to keep your Shiraz

So, get your Shiraz ready to drink, ideally it is from Upper Reach, but otherwise two different vintage from the same region will do and let's get started!


To host your own tasting at home, you will need these shiraz. Enjoy!


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