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Lauren Pileggi
2 June 2023 | Lauren Pileggi

Vintage 2023 Swan Valley in Western Australia


Well what a vintage 2023 was!

We must have done something right to have had such amazing conditions.

After a ridiculously wet winter, the Swan River broke its banks again and completely flooded the lower part of our vineyard.

This was followed by a beautiful mild spring, which turned into a relatively mild summer for the Swan.
This gave us an incredible growing season.

Lucky for us, we didn’t have to contend with the never-ending heat wave like 2022.

The milder summer meant that the grape flavours developed gradually along with the sugar levels. Ultimately wine is fermented grape juice, the more interesting and complex flavours the grapes have, turns into more interesting wines for you.

Thank Goodness the yields were up compared to the last few years, as now I can make enough wine for us all… hopefully we won’t run out of Verdelho this year!

The quality of the 2023 fruit was also excellent, making for some very happy winemakers around the region.

Right now we are busy little bees in the winery, getting your young whites ready for bottling. I’m also putting the 2023 red wines into barrel, blending your 2022 reds and squeezing in a holiday or two.

Before we know it, pruning time will be here, so I’m going to soak up as much of this sunshine I can get!


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