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Laura Pearse
9 August 2023 | Laura Pearse

You want to grow your own vine? How to take a cutting from a grapevine.

I want my own vine, how can I get one?
Where do vines come from?

If you’ve ever wanted your own grape vine, here’s how to do it!


Hey there, vine enthusiasts! Ever dreamt of having your very own grape vine?
Well, you're in luck because I'm here to spill the beans (or should I say grapes?) on how to make that dream a reality. Let's dive right in and learn how to grow your own grape vine from scratch.

Step 1: Choose Your Vine Adventure 🌱

So, you're ready to get started? Awesome! But first, decide what kind of grape vine you want:

- Table grapes for snacking

- Wine grapes for that homemade vino

- Ornamental vines for lush greenery (no grapes, though)

Step 2: Making the Right Choice: 🌱

Hold on a sec! Before you plunge into grape-growing glory, think about what suits your space and lifestyle. Ornamental vines might be your garden's best friend. If you choose wine or table grapes, be ready to be the grape picker extraordinaire to avoid a grape-y mess!

Step 3: Find a Healthy Vine Buddy:

Now, let's hunt for a sturdy, healthy vine. Best time to nab a cutting? Winter, when the vine's catching some Zzz's.

Step 4: Get Ready to Cut and Plant:

Alright, we're rolling now! Gather your tools and let's start prepping that cutting:

- Find a bud node (those bumpy things on the stem).

- Cut just below the bud node.

- Length? Think of it as long as your forearm.

- Angle cut the top at 45 degrees 

- Bonus: Dip the cut end in rooting hormone powder for some root magic.


Step 5: Plant It Like You Mean It: 🌱

Ready to make your cutting comfy? Here's the scoop:

- Fill pots with potting mix that drains like a champ.

- Stick your cutting in the soil, burying two buds.

- Lightly water – no need to flood!


Step 6: Nurturing Your Baby Vine: 🌱

Hold your excitement; we're not done yet! Your baby vine needs some love:

- Bright, warm spot is the place to be.

- Mist your cuttings often – think spa day for vines!

- Keep soil just a smidge damp – not soggy.

- In a few weeks, a gentle tug will reveal root progress.


Step 7: Planting Party:

Hold your horses!
Leave your cuttings in pots for a year or two, so they're super-rooted and ready to conquer the vineyard (or garden).

- Get 'em used to the wild world – outdoor exposure training!

- Plant 'em out after a year or two – patience, young grasshopper.


There you have it, Your very own grape vine adventure, straight from scratch. 🍾

Are you up for the challenge?
I'm rooting for you! 😂 🤣

Share your thoughts and let's grow some grape happiness together.
Good luck, green thumbs!


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