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Laura Pearse
24 November 2023 | Laura Pearse

Christmas Shopping | Gifts from the Swan Valley

It feels like Christmas 2022 was just a blink ago, right?

The holiday cheer is in the air, but the hassle of shopping, crowded malls, and potential Covid make it a bit overwhelming.

How about a solution?

Picture this: strolling through the Swan Valley, sipping wine, and finding unique gifts for even the most challenging people on your list—all in one delightful day. Sounds like a plan!

Unique Wine Finds for Gift Giving:

Explore alternative wine varieties and discover fascinating Christmas presents:

  • Sparkling Wonders: Australians adore Sparkling wines, but did you know about the exquisite Sparkling Cabernet & Cygnet Blanc by Swan Valley legend Dorham and Anthea Mann?
  • Arinto: Try something new like the crisp dry white wine Arinto, crafted by Olive Farm from grapes originating in Portugal.
  • Swan Valley Heroes:
    • Verdelho, hailed as a superhero
    • increasingly favored Chenin Blanc thrive here.
      Don't miss Upper Reach's Verdelho or Faber's CBP Chenin Blanc.
    • Fortifieds: we don't drink these amazing wines enough! Christmas is the perfect time to relax and enjoy a watching anyone?

Summer Reds for Warm Days:

Even in summer, red wines can taste amazing!
It's all about the termperature you serve them at. 

Consider Grenache—a lighter, fruity option perfect for those balmy evenings or BBQ gatherings.
The 2022 Grenache from Swan Valley has won Gold and Three Trophies at the wine show...just in case you weren't sure about its fantastic quality.😉

Touriga National: Windy Creek's concentrated flavors of violets, black fruit, and spicy notes make it a unique and delicious gift.

Pinelli's Durif: Looking for something bigger?
Try this spicy, full-bodied wine with robust tannins, best served slightly cooler.

If the choices overwhelm you, consider gift vouchers from your favorite Swan Valley producers. These vouchers can be used for wine, dining experiences, or special events.

This Christmas, embrace the spirit of the season by supporting local wineries in the Swan Valley. Sip, shop, and savor the unique wines while finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. And mark your calendar for the upcoming Twilight Concerts in February and March- an excellent way to continue the celebrations!

Let's make this Christmas about eating, drinking, and supporting our local community.

Cheers to a festive and locally-inspired holiday season


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