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Laura Pearse
2 May 2020 | Laura Pearse

Virtual Wine Tasting Class | Shiraz

Virtual Wine Tasting Class | Shiraz

By popular demand from our last Livestream, Upper Reach will be doing this Tasting Class that will explore our exceptional Reserve Shiraz & how it's unique micro-climate influences it's character.

We will take a look at:
- 2016 Reserve Shiraz
- 2009 Reserve Shiraz

We'll be talking about tasting notes, food pairing, and in particular age-ability & how age influences flavour. We will talk about cellaring conditions and how long to keep a Shiraz.

So get your Shiraz ready to drink so we can make your Saturday in isolation a little less boring :D




To host your own tasting at home, you will need these shiraz. Enjoy!


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