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'Comfy clothes, lit fire & and a glass of this nectar = total warming experience'

This is a beautiful fortified wine with a syrup-like body, rich, smooth & silky. 
Warming notes of caramel, toasted cashew & toffee coat the palate.

Perfect with a cheese board, tiramisu or Crème brûlée.

The Swan Valley has built a long history & masterful technique in creating fortified wines.

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/ 375 ml
SKU: Tawny

Derek's passion project: crafting Cabernet from different regions across Western Australia.

This is the third release of our limited edition Margaret River Cabernet. A complex, rich & powerful wine that will develop with age in your Cellar

This Wilyabrup Cabernet is classic Margs.
Like a walk through the forrest, mint, eucalyptus,'s got it all.

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SKU: 2017 Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon

Derek & I took this out to dinner with a couple of other winemakers and this was 'the wine of the night'.

Intense flavour, soft tannins & a stunning, long finish.

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/ 750 ml
SKU: 2010 Reserve Shiraz

Very very easy drinking, the perfect wine to relax with after a hard day.

This classic blend of Chardonnay & Verdelho is so great, it drinks itself!

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/ 750 ml
SKU: Black Bream White
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SKU: Pressurised Champagne Stopper

Ideal for aerating by the glass, instead of decanting....brings out the aromas and flavours of a quality red wine

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SKU: Vinoair Wine Aerator

One quick squirt will keep your opened bottle of wine fresh for days or even weeks. 

There is enough in one canister to protect 150 bottles.

That's 26c to stop an opened bottle of wine going off!


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SKU: Winesave Pro Preserver