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🏆 Double Trophy Winner 🏆

Best Swan Valley Wine of Show &
Best Shiraz of Show

Swan Valley Wine Show 2022


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/ 750 ml
SKU: 2021 Reserve Shiraz

I like to have a bit of fun with this wine. Exactly what proportion of grapes I use changes, depending on the season and the year.

The 2021 vintage is floral and bursting with raspberry, redcurrant and mocha leading to a sumptuous, long, dry finish. Try this blend slightly chilled, it is great with the lighter food we eat during the warmer months, of course you can settle in on the couch with your favourite pizza.

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SKU: 2021 The Gig Grenache Shiraz

This is probably my favourite vintage that we've ever made of the Petit Verdot, it is significantly lighter and more delicate and so drinking beautifully....this is a very limited wine.

2018 was a great vintage for the Swan Valley, this is the last vintage that we've made of this wine as the winemaker wasn't happy with the fruit in the warmer summers we had since.

In true Petit Verdot style, the nose has ripe, berry fruits and a hint of menthol or eucalyptus. This leads into a rich, savoury plum, raspberry palate. And a spicy, leather, oak finish.

A big, bold, meaty red, totally different to Shiraz or Cabernet.

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Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

Treat yourself, to this very limited release, we only make 300 half bottles each year.

Rich & luscious, like a liquid Christmas pudding, Yum!

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/ 375 ml
SKU: Liqueur Muscat

Is this the taste of Christmas? 
Rich and luscious, yet fresh and lifted... the surprising freshness makes this Tawny surprisingly delicious for a summer treat.

This is a beautiful fortified wine with a syrup-like body, rich, smooth & silky. 
Warming notes of orange marmelade, caramel, toasted cashew & toffee coat the palate.

Perfect with a cheese board, tiramisu or crème brûlée.

The Swan Valley has built a long history & masterful technique in creating fortified wines.

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/ 375 ml
SKU: Tawny

Derek & I took this out to dinner with a couple of other winemakers and this was 'the wine of the night'.

  • Gold Medal | Swan Valley Wine Show 2019
  • Silver Medal | Perth Valley Wine Show 2011
  • Bronze Medal | Swan Valley Wine Show 2011
  • Bronze Medal | Swan Valley Wine Show 2013
  • Bronze Medal | Swan Valley Wine Show 2020
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/ 750 ml
SKU: 2010 Reserve Shiraz

It's a party anytime & anywhere.
elebrate - especially if it's just getting through a Tuesday!

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/ 750 ml
SKU: 2020 Sparkling Chardonnay

Oh wow, I’ve literally just pulled this off the bottling line, opened the first bottle and it is, oh so good!

Mango, pear, honeysuckle, yellow roses with an undertone of musk lollies.

Rich, luscious yet fresh and perfumed.

Very very easy drinking, the perfect wine to relax with after a hard day.

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/ 750 ml
SKU: Black Bream White
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SKU: Pressurised Champagne Stopper

Ideal for aerating by the glass, instead of decanting....brings out the aromas and flavours of a quality red wine

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SKU: Vinoair Wine Aerator