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Wine Tasting For Groups

Wine Tasting for Groups

Your guests can enjoy a great range of our wines in a relaxed atmosphere on our Lawn Terrace. Perfect for private bus groups or corporate groups.

Here you and your friends can have some fun & enjoy a complimentary game of Bocce, a game of checkers or jenga, or just relax with a taste or two of our wines.

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$10.00 Per Person [10+ people]
Available: 10.00-12.00 (arrival times) everyday

Wine Selection:
Unwooded Chardonnay
Black Bream White
Upper Reach Rose
Cabernet Merlot
Shiraz Grenache

We can also include our Sparkling for your group for an extra $2.00 per person. 
A great way to kick off your visit!

If the group books in at 10:00am [or pretty close to] one of our experienced staff will give your group an introduction on Upper Reach & the wines that the group will try.

Alternatively you might like to book a private tour of the winery for your group.

Private Tour of the Winery