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Covid Event Plan 2022


Patron Numbers:
This is an outdoor event and as such is considered low risk.

Upper Reach have reduced the maximum numbers of patrons that can attend, from previous years, this is not required by WA legislation.

We will open up the Lower Lawn area to General Admission guests that want to maximize their social distancing. Bring a chair and enjoy lots of space, there is literally acres of it. 

Please note that we are mindful of our neighbours with regard to the noise levels; so the further away you sit the less loud the band will be.

Hygiene & Cleaning Regime:
Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to the venue.

There will be a Hand Sanitizer Stations at Cellar Door and another at The Restaurant.

Toilets and bins will be cleaned by staff once an hour for the duration of the event, following best practice guidelines issued by WA Health and as found in the COVID Infection Control module.

All staff have undertaken COVID infection control training and are fully vaccinated


Copies of certificates of completion of this training module are kept by Upper Reach.

Response Planning:
It is anticipated all tickets will be pre-sold so full contact details will be held by Upper Reach in the event that contact tracing needs to be undertaken.

Guest Communication:
Emails will be sent to guests prior to the event reminding them to ‘stay away if unwell’

No refunds or credits once tickets have been purchased.

If a concert has to be cancelled due to Covid & WA Health restrictions, a refund, new tickets or a wine credit will be offered.
If the event can go-ahead, even if in an altered way, such as with mandatory mask wearing, no refunds or credits will be offered.