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Wine 102 | Food & Wine Pairings

The next step of your Wine Adventure. 

Class, Entree & Main $165pp Wine and food pairing at Upper Reach

Discover the hidden potential of wine to enhance your food experience through different flavours and wine styles. 

Your Food & Wine class will be fun, informal and educational. 

This class is perfect for people who have attended our Wine 101 classes in the past.  

• Discover how wine and food pair together, to combine and enhance flavour and style.

• Expands on the Wine 101 tasting profile with new varietals added.

• Explore the wines on their own and then discover how food can change and enhance the wine flavours.

• Enjoy your entree in our wine room, in a long table setting.

• Your Main Course will be served in the restaurant, with a suggested wine carefully selected by your host, our assistant Winemaker, Lauren.  

Saturday 6th July 2024- 10.30am 
Saturday 2nd November 2024 - 10.30am