Red Wine

Reserve Shiraz 2016

Award Winner

‘Impress your guests with the very best’

A powerful Shiraz with intense notes of dark cherries, sweet ripe plum & vanilla tobacco.

Rich earthy flavours & oak compliment the fruit notes with a touch of caraway.

It feels velvety in the mouth with a hint of liquorice on the back palate.


Tasting Notes

Winemaking Notes

Technical Notes

  • This is our Flagship Red.
  • Shiraz was the first Red Varietal we planted in 1998.
  • It has it's own micro-climate in our Flood Gully. Where it is generally a few degrees cooler over the year.
  • There is no 2017 Vintage as all the fruit was destroyed in the devastating flood of that year.
  • Perfect pairing with big meaty, hearty meals such as stews or treat yourself to a great cut of steak.