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Reserve Shiraz 2010

Award Winner

"The red grapes were picked during and after another hot week. Though the vines do struggle with the heat, our main concern is how the fruit tastes, the red fruit has more intense flavours and great colour we pressed the last batch of shiraz fruit this week." Vintage Report 2010.

This flavour intensity has not diminished, it has errupted.

Rich black fruits, leather & tobacco with earthy fine tannins which coat your palate for a divinely smooth drinking experience.


We make some of Western Australia's best Shiraz, as a result of the micro-climate found in the lowest part, the gully area of our Swan Valley vineyard. 

The gully's clay river soil and cooler temperatures create this outstanding Shiraz, oh and a bit of decent winemaking too!

Tasting Notes

Winemaking Notes

Technical Notes

  • This is our Flagship Red.
  • Shiraz was the first Red Varietal we planted in 1998.
  • It has it's own micro-climate in our Flood Gully. Where it is generally a few degrees cooler over the year.
  • There is no 2017 Vintage as all the fruit was destroyed in the devastating flood of that year.
  • Perfect pairing with big meaty, hearty meals such as stews or treat yourself to a great cut of steak.