Red Wine

'The Gig' Shiraz 2017

‘This one-off wine reflects the generosity of our Swan Valley community'

Using fruit from the kindness of our Swan Valley neighbours, this Shiraz is total one-off.

Bursting with aromas of plum & violet with a subtle white pepper & poppy seed nuances.

A year in one-year-old oak barrels have finely softened the tannins and added a mocha like finish to the wine.


The Story of 'The Gig'

In 1829 Captain Stirling was looking for land suitable for settlement. Mooring his ship in Fremantle’s natural harbour, he explored the Swan River in a sailing dingy, a Gig.

Stirling camped on the banks of the river near The Vines, this was as far inland as they got.

From Stirling's diary & letters it appears that the British Government, decided to establish a settlement in Western Australia, almost solely due to Stirling's observations from this expedition.

Tasting Notes

Winemaking Notes

Technical Notes

"On a high bank we pitched our tent; the richness of the soil...the shrubs, the majesty of the surrounding trees, the abrupt banks of the river...the view of the blue mountains, from which we were not far distant, made the scenery around this spot as beautiful as anything of this kind I had ever witnessed." Captain James Stirling 1829

Upper Reach wanted to celebrate the contribution its soil has made to the settlement of WA, and of course the soil is fundamental to the wine.

We created approachable, easy drinking wines called 'The Gig', in honour of the small sailing dingy that Stirling used to get to here.