It’s a thing, almost every family winery has a dog or two hanging around the cellar door or vineyard.

24th Sep 2019

Let’s face it, we all find walking in to a winery for wine tasting a little daunting. I sometimes feel the same, and I work in a winery! Will I be judged? Will they think I don’t know about wines? What do I ask for/ how do the wine tastings go?

28th Aug 2019

Hello and welcome to my way of giving you a glimpse into the vineyard and the wonderful process of winemaking.

7th Feb 2019

In the Cellar Door, we are often asked about cellaring and storing wine, and what types of wine to age, so I wanted to answer some of your questions...

9th Oct 2018

Simple answer.. because it makes all red wines and some white wines taste heaps better!

24th Aug 2018

Buying wine for a wine lover can be hard. Wine is so subjective, and personal preference can make selecting the right bottle hard. So here at Upper Reach Winery, we have put together some gift ideas that will thrill a wine lover. 

4th May 2018

Winter has passed for another year!  If like us, you've had enough of hearty soups, slow-cooked casseroles, and stodgy puddings, it's time to celebrate Spring which calls for a juicy, tender Spring lamb dish washed down with a smooth and silky Cabernet Sauvignon.  A carefully aged Cabernet is a perfect match for lamb.

17th Sep 2017

Get the most out of your time in the Swan Valley! Check off the big ticket items, Koala's and Kangaroo's, as well as a world-class wine region, breweries and fresh local produce.

Discover where the locals visit....

21st Aug 2017

Have you ever been confused about which wine should go with which food?  It can be pretty daunting when you don't know the rules.  But here's the rub....there are no rules!!  The only rules we know of are to have fun with it, don't take it too seriously and enjoy experimenting.

13th Aug 2017

Upper Reach produces handmade estate grown wines from fruit grown on our Swan Valley vineyard and made in our on-site winery. We are passionate about linking the local community with its rich Swan Valley heritage. 

When you visit Upper Reach enjoy and experience local produce as a part of the history of this area.

11th Oct 2016