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Don't tell me what I'm drinking- I'll choose my own dozen, Thanks!


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Create your own selection yet still enjoy Cellar Club pricing.

We'll email you a few weeks before your wines are sent out, you can log-in and choose exactly which wines you want or simply email us back to tell us what you want for that season.
No-one likes being told what to drink!

We will email you before each delivery so you can choose, change or amend which wines you want delivered at that time. 

  • Mid-winter
  • Christmas
  • Easter

Cellar Club dozens always include detailed notes on the wines, as well as suggestions for pairing with food personally researched and recommended by us.



Club Choices

These wines have been chosen with Netflix and drinking wine on the couch in pajams in mind. My favorite thing to do in winter!

As always the choice is yours, so make any changes to this selection you like. Feel free to add an extra case of your favorites....the next case is not until Christmas.

12 bottles min
Sparkling Chardonnay RRP $35 Members $28
2019 Verdelho RRP $ 25 Members $20
2018 The Gig Unwooded Chardonnay RRP $ 23 Members $18.40
2018 Semillon RRP $30 Members $24
2018 Reserve Chardonnay RRP$32 Members $25.60
Black Bream White RRP$23 Members $18.40
Rose RRP $25 Members $20.00
Black Bream Red RRP$23 Members $18.40
2016 The Gig Shiraz Grenache RRP$28 Members $22.40
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon RRP$35 Members $28
2017 Tempranillo RRP $35 Members $28
2015 Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon RRP$55 Members $44
2015 Reserve Shiraz RRP$42 Members $33.60
2015 Petit Verdot RRP$45 Members $36
2009 "Museum" Reserve Shiraz RRP $70 No Discount
2013 "Museum" Reserve Chardonnay RRP $50 No Discount
2012 "Museum" Cabernet Sauvignon RRP$55 No Discount
Vinoair Wine Aerator $30
Tawny RRP $30 Members $24
Muscat RRP $45 Members $36
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