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Laura Pearse
24 September 2019 | Laura Pearse

Dog Friendly Winery Here in the Swan Valley

‘Wherever wine is made, you’re likely to find a loyal canine snoozing in the cellar or roaming the vineyard …celebrate the working (and relaxing) dog in the wineries, vineyards and tasting rooms’

 -Wine Dogs 2019


It’s a thing, almost every family winery has a dog or two hanging around the cellar door or vineyard.

I’ve been thinking about it and I reckon its because every vigneron (the technical name for a grape grower and winemaker) spends a lot of time on their own, particularly during the growing season.

In winter Derek and our winery dog, Indi ,spend two and a half months hand pruning the vineyard. It can be a race to get this done before the buds start to burst in early September.

All through Spring the two of them are flat out in the vineyard monitoring and managing the growth of the vines, their canopy, flowering and the fruit.

You will find Indi literally flat out- sleeping at our entrance. (except for lunch time when she’s back at Cellar Door waiting for pats and hoping for treats!) Indi has a huge instagram following, there are more pictures of her on our instgram page than wine! Next time you are here, get a selfie with Indi and post to our page so we can share.

At lunch time you will find Indi watching our diners on the deck enjoying a fabulous lunch with stunning views. She is hoping there is a morsel for her...dont fall for those pleading eyes!

Important Note: Please do NOT feed winery dogs, all and any of them, our dog is a Golden Retriever she’s an absolute greedy guts- she’ll eat everything. She is literally a walking stomach! I promise I feed my dog, and anything that you give her is extra, and is just making her fat, which is already affecting her knees and hips.

We all love dogs at Upper Reach and your fur baby is welcome to visit, however as this is a public space there are a few reminders:

Dogs are welcome on lead
Please don’t allow your dog to bark, so that everyone can relax
Dogs may not enter the Restaurant
Obviously please pick up their poo, but if you could take it away with you that would be much appreciated (apparently in Canada you have to empty dog poo down the loo and flush it away before putting the bag in the bin!)

Lunch or Breakfast with your dog:

If you’d like to have a meal accompanied by your dog, RiverBrook Restaurant will do their best to look after you. You and your fur baby can sit on the Lawn Terrace under the pergola, however food service there is always at the Restaurant’s discretion, if they are super busy they may not be able to look after you outside of the restaurant. I’d suggest getting here at 12 and getting your order in early, as peak time is 1-2pm, so give yourself the best chance.

Nearby Walks with your Dog:

Bells Rapids close by is a fabulous walk for you and your dog is welcome there too. There are a variety of walks of differing lengths, from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours long. There is a three hour walk, which I’ve never done. We also have a lovely walk here at Upper Reach  going through the vineyard and down along the Swan River Bank. 

Apparently behind every great winemaker sits a loyal, taste-testing, crumb removal, grape testing, lawn-watering pooch. These gorgeous dogs are the real palate-power behind the skilled business of making wine.


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